Brochure sites Vs Lead Generation sites

spa website designWe don’t build brochure type websites that are a cost to your business. The websites we provide are lead-generating 24/7 sales machines that are an investment, not a cost.

There are two distinct audiences for websites, human eyeballs, and search engines such as Google. Brochure type websites are built to look pretty and appeal to human eyeballs. However, if these websites aren’t coded with the other audience, the search engines in mind, Google won’t know they exist, and they will languish in the Internet no-man’s land where no-one will see them.

On the other hand, Lead Generation Websites are workhorses that are built to look great, be found by the people searching for your products and services, and to generate leads and sales for you!


You want the ability to easily make changes to your website

It’s all about value for money, and we know you don’t want to have to pay someone for every small content change you want to make to your site. The business websites we provide look great on all screen sizes, and you can easily edit them yourself. You can add more pages, add content, pictures, videos…
The control panel we give you includes a full library of video tutorials that explain in easy-to-understand language how to make your own changes.

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