Why You Really Should Run Your Own Facebook Group

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, your Facebook posts are getting less and less exposure to your page fans. This is because Facebook pages and personal posts rely completely on the Newsfeed algorithm.

facebook groupBut when you post an update in your Facebook group, Facebook actually send notifications to your group members!

Let that marinate for a minute.

The algorithm that decides on who sees what posts is bypassed by Groups, as instead Facebook send notifications to the Group members when there is a new post.

Yes please!!!

Despite the lack of organic reach, Facebook Pages are still a tremendous marketing resource. However, you need invest time into creating content to be successful. To my mind, if you are going to spend time creating great content for your community, unless you have a large budget to ‘boost’ (pay) for every post you make, give your content the best chance of being seen by creating and publishing in a Facebook group.

Now you know you have their attention, here’s what you can do in your Facebook Group:

  1. Build an interactive community around your brand
    Remember all those likes and comments you used to get on your Facebook Page? Well, once you are providing valuable conversation and content, this will actually happen in your group.
  2. Gather your ideal clients into one place
    Where else could you collect and communicate with your ideal clients at any time of the day for free? Of course, you must give offer them valuable content and spend some of your time in your Group, however, being able to watch and learn from them is invaluable. It’s any business owner’s dream!
  3. Educate
    YOU are the head of your Facebook Group, so you get to decide on what to discuss. It’s a place for you to educate, inspire and motivate your community. You can have a genuine influence in people’s lives.
  4. Polls!
    One of the valuable features of Facebook Groups is that you can survey your members. Use polls to learn about what your community needs or wants from you, find out what are they struggling with (so you can modify your offerings to be exactly what they need). Get opinions from your community — for free.
  5. Build Trust
    Your Facebook Group gives you an opportunity for you to nurture your members so they really begin to know, like, and trust you. And trust is a necessary ingredient before anyone will seriously consider purchasing what you’ve got.
  6. Privacy
    With a Closed or Secret group, the conversations that take place are only seen by other Group members. This helps your members to speak more freely and honestly than if they knew the whole world could see what they’ve just posted.
  7. Stay top of mind
    If they see what you are posting, you won’t be forgotten.
  8. Build your email list
    If you have a free opt-in or resource that you can give in exchange for a person’s email, offer this to your Group.
  9. Test your ideas
    Use your Group as market research to test any idea you have about launching a new service, course or product. If you put it out there and people give you a very positive reaction, you know you’ve got a winning idea. If not, then maybe move on to your next idea and feel thankful that you didn’t waste time and resources offering something your people don’t want.
  10. Announce your offerings
    Have you ever tried to announce a new service, event or course on a Facebook page? The deafening silence… Well, because your Facebook Group is full of people interested in you and what you do, when you announce something new, people are far more open to opting in to your offer.

Hopefully I’ve convinced you about the benefits of building a quality Group.


Over in my Facebook Group Full Appointment Book Support I am posting a step-by-step series of tutorials on how to run a group to get you more clients and sales.  And YOU are invited!



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