Why You Should Add a Lead Capture System to Your Salon Website

social media plannerBy adding a lead capture system to your salon website you are taking the destiny of your business into your own hands. No longer are you simply a passive participant who casts a line and waits for the fish to come to you.

With a lead capture system you have the opportunity to get the names and contact information of potential clients who visit your salon website for any reason. This means that you can now build a database of potential clients that you can market to.

Your entire salon is dependent on leads. Therefore having a lead capture system is a wise move in your online marketing strategy. It gives you something tangible to work from when you need more salon clients.

What Is A Lead Capture System Defined

A lead capture system is simply an opt-in box that offers more information, an e-newsletter subscription, a free report or some other freebie in exchange for simple contact information. Typically the information requested is just a name and email address, but some systems do ask for a mailing address and/or a phone number. Try to refrain from requesting too much information.

Because these people have actually come to your site and then opted to get on your email list, you can feel confident that they are actually interested in your salon services. This makes them likely future clients for your business.

Once the lead capture system is in place on your website, you will need to do lead nurturing. This means you must stay in contact with these people.

  • Send newsletters regularly, but not too frequently.
  • Keep them up to date on new services and products.

Offer special deals for those on your email list. This is a very good way to generate business when things are slow.
You will need to put autoresponders in place, so that as people opt in, they are greeted, welcomed and introduced to your products or services through a series of letters. If you haven’t used a free report to get them to join your email list, offer it now.

By adding a lead capture system to your website, you will get the power of having a bigger customer base and you can market to them regularly with useful information.

Catherine Trebble works with salons, spas and clinics to help them to make the most of their website and social media channels to fill their appointment books to capacity. You can contact Catherine here>>


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