Client Email Addresses: Don’t Let Them Slip Away

You know how this one goes…

salon email marketingYou: “Could I just get you to pop your details down on this card please?”

Client: “Sure… Here you go.”

You: “Thanks very much.” (Ugh! Another email address left blank! How are we ever going to keep in touch with these people?!)

It’s the marketing lottery that none of us want to play. We know that email is the cheapest, quickest, most efficient way of maintaining contact with our lovely clients. It’s perfect for helping us stay at the forefront of our loyal customers’ minds, for boosting sales and for giving out the odd sought-after incentive too.

It should be a win for everyone.

After all, no matter what anyone says about email, the response you get to a well-crafted email far outstrips the response you’ll get to anything you post on social media.

AND when it comes time to sell your business, your database can add THOUSANDS to your sale price. The trouble is, clients seem terrified of parting with their email addresses!


Overcoming people’s fear of spam

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be like this. If we’re confident and prepared, we can avoid the nightmare of a worthless customer database. We just need to be ready with a little, helpful nudge…


Why do people choose to leave email fields blank?

One of the reasons is because they think no good can come of it. They’ve been burned too many times by irresponsible businesses that take details, share them, then spam people with irrelevant daily mails that go straight in the virtual bin.

But that’s not what we do, is it? So, next time you notice a client has skipped over the email address, break out a warm, winning smile and offer to fill it in for them.

Let them in on your salon secret – that email is the only way you share your exclusive discounts and offers with your most loyal customers. And you really don’t want them to miss out.

Be clear that you’ll never, ever share their details or bombard them with endless mails and, even if they decide it’s not for them, it’s just a simple click to unsubscribe in an instant. Maybe you even have an introductory sweetener for new subscribers?

“So, let me just jot down your address so we can say thank you for coming to see us, Mrs. Smith?”

Of course, don’t push it if you’re not getting the answer you want. Sometimes, people have a good reason for not parting with their information. No definitely means No and we need to respect that. But trust me, it won’t happy very often. It truly is amazing what a smile and a friendly helping hand can achieve – if you try.

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